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If you're near Fredericksburg VA and you have to take an exam, use this testing center. The facilities are nice and the staff is helpful, friendly, and professional.
- Julie C., VA

About MD Technical School, Inc. Training

MD Technical School, Inc. is an approved SCHEV Postsecondary school that provides short term training that could lead you to a powerful career in Information Technology. We offer online, in house and onsite IT training. MD Techs' Instructors and Staff provides the highest quality training experience available. Our career path training is hands on to provide you with the skillset and knowledge to perform on the job. Our certification training provides our students with the knowledge to better prepare them to pass their certification exam. We offer flexible training options such as on-site training which allows us to provide training at corporations, governmental agencies, and military units. When you want to start a career in Information Technology or just update your IT skills, contact MD Technical School, Inc. We are your pathway to a successful career in Information Technology.

Career Path and Certification Training

Jr. Network Engineer



CompTIA Security+

Help Desk Specialist

Cisco CCNA

DOD 8570.1M

How the CompTIA Certifications Fit into DoD 8570.1M

IAT Level I
CompTIA Network+ CE
IAT Level II
CCNA Security
Cy SA+
CCNP Security
CISSP (or Associate)
IAM Level I
IAM Level II
CISSP (or Associate)
CISSP (or Associate)
CISSP (or Associate)
CISSP (or Associate)
CSSP Analyst
CCNA Cyber Ops
CSSP Infrastructure Support
CSSP Incident Responder
CCNA Cyber Ops
CySA+ **


Retired Military

The IT classes and training from MD Tech have been a complete career changer for me and my family. Since retiring from the military, I was able to enter the job market as a capable technician and compete in a challenging industry. The class focused on real world applications required to be successful from day one on the job. The instructor is knowledgeable and present the information in a way that allow students to understand the technical procedures and protocols but really re enforce these necessary skills with valuable hands-on training and labs that complement the learning. Once the training was completed, I started my first IT job as a Network Admin. I was nervous upon starting the job but soon realized that my duties and requirements on the job was covered in the classes. I was ready and prepared from day one. Since starting as a Network Admin, I was promoted to a Wireless Network Admin and UC Engineer as my current position. I highly recommend the classes from MD Tech and have plans in the future to attend more. These classes are proven to help those seeking to achieve in the information technology career field.

Formal School System

Before MD Tech I went to a 4-year college and got my degree in a major where it is almost impossible to get a job and earn the amount of money to make a decent living. I took this route because I had little to no guidance after high school and assumed that as long as I earned my college degree that I would always have a good paying job no matter what. Instead, I landed jobs that still paid me the same amount I was making before I went to a 4-year college. There were many times that I wanted to go back and earn a different degree and start over, but I stopped myself because I did not want to make the same mistake and financially hurt myself even more.

Eventually after years of being at the same job with minimal raises each year I made the decision to attend MD Tech School and take the risk of going into the IT Field, something I knew very little about. In the beginning I had doubts but continued with my journey. The trainers were patient and readily available to answer questions and go over the material step by step. The program taught me everything I need to know about IT and in the process, I became Security+ certified. On my first IT interview I was able to answer ALL technical questions and land a job that doubled my salary. MD tech gave me the courage to start over again and change my life. My only regret now is that I didn’t sign up sooner. Thank you, MD Technical School, for giving me my second chance.

Formal School System

I came to MD Tech School for a better career opportunity not only for myself but for my whole family. I was stuck at a dead end job where your raise really meant nothing, no growth for advancement and the work kept pilling more and more. You come to a point in your life where either you stay where you are at or you chase your dreams, and I wanted to chase my dreams. Sometimes in life we doubt ourselves, because we think that you can’t achieve that because it’s to hard or impossible to reach, but nothing in life is unreachable.

What I have learned about myself is that MD Tech school believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, they gave me the courage and the strength to better myself. They showed me the tools and the Certifications to advanced my skills in the working IT fields. The sky is the limit for me now, and will keep improving my skills to advance my career opportunities. The trainers were amazing and till this day I keep in contact with them. On my first IT job, I doubled my salary and I am so thankful for MD Tech for providing the keys to my future.

Formal Non-Technical Manager

Mr. Durante, I want to thank you for providing me the opportunity of a lifetime. My life has changed forever! MD Tech Solutions provided an amazing level of hands on Network Engineering experience that positioned me to a $100,000+ salary. When the opportunity to train with MD Tech Solutions was presented to me, I was working as a manager earning $30,000. However, my peers were very successful. I was open to new opportunities and the IT field was and is trending and in demand. After completing what I consider a 5 Star training program I completed my CCNA and Security + certifications. I am now working in the Information Technology industry at Andrew Airforce Base as a Network Engineer making $110,000 a year! With these certifications I literally receive calls every day from companies for Network Engineer positions. I look forward to continued work with MD Tech and to give back by training our future Network Engineer’s.


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